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Photos restored and archived by Robert Allen Kautz

B/W Photos

Bubi and Susan

Edwin and Anna Kautz

New York City - circa 1908

Ludwig, Rosa and all nine kids.

New York circa 1912

William, Margaret, Rose & Mary w/ mother Rosa Kautz

New York - circa 1915

Mary, Rosa, Margaret and Stephen (Pista) Kautz Jr.

New York - circa 1915

Mary, Rose, Margaret w/ Stephen (Pista) Kautz Jr.

Stephen Gregory Kautz's kids

Edwin (Eddie), Louis (Lollie), Stephen (Pista) Jr. and Helen (Rusty)

New York - circa 1920

back l-r: Mary Kautz holding Helen(Rusty), Ilona? and Uncle Willie, Margaret holding little Victor(1918-1921) front l-r: Stephen Jr, Louis & Edwin

Jones Beach NY

l-r: Helen "Rusty", Rosa, Ludwig, Edwin "Eddie"

243 E. 77th St.  Bronx NY - mid 30's

Helen "Rusty" Kautz with her Grandma Rosa and aunt Mary Kautz

circa 1937

John Kautz Jr, Rosa, Rose Milici (George Cozens' 1st wife), Ludwig

NYC - circa 1937

George Cozens, Rosemary Mason, Rosa, Buddy and Bobby Mason, William (Uncle Willie)

NYC - circa 1937

Rosa w/ Rose Milici(George Cozens'1st wife)

NYC - circa 1937

Rosemary Mason, Mary Kautz, Buddy and Bobby Mason w/ Rosa

Dinner Party

back LtoR, Helen(Rusty) & Alex, Ilona Biczak, Frances, Mickie & Lollie - others unknown

NY circa 1935

top l-r: Elizabeth Nagy, Mary Kautz, unk, Ilona Biczak,Rose Milici, John Kautz Sr., Rosa, Ludwig, John Cozens, Edwin L. "Eddie" Kautz. middle l-r: George Cozens, Margaret Kautz, John?, dog, girl unk, bottom l-r Elizabeth M Kautz(Bess) with 3 kids possibly, unk girl with unk baby, Rosemary Mason, unk boy, Helen "Rusty "Kautz with unk girl, unk girl, William "Buddy" Mason, William Mason holding Robert "Bobby" Mason.

Frances Bird Kautz

NYC circa 1943

Helen Kish Kautz with nephew "Snookie" Stephen R. Kautz

NYC circa 1949

Frances Bird Kautz, Susan Kautz, Helen Banyai, Ilona Biczak

circa 1948

Susan Kautz on left, cousin Helen Banyai in middle

circa 1948

Stephen R. Kautz, with sister Susan and cousin Helen Banyai


Helen and Alice Banyai w/ cousins Susan Kautz and Edwin (Ladd) Kautz

Ilona Kautz and family

l-r: Helen Kish Kautz holding Peni, Ilona, Mickie, Lewis(Bubi), Stephen R. Kautz, Alex and Helen(Rusty) Banyai, Stephen Kautz Jr and Frances, Edwin (Eddie) holding Edwin (Ladd)

Jack Dempsey's Bar circa 1945

Eddie's return from WWII - Frances & Stephen Kautz Jr, Alex Banyai & Helen (Rusty), Lollie & Mickie, Helen & Eddie Kautz

circa 1940's

Stephen Kautz Jr. blowing candles w/ brother Eddie.

circa 1960ish

front l-r: Charlie Nowack, Helen Nowack(Frances' sister), Frances w/ Stephen Kautz Jr. back l-r: Susan Kautz and brother Stephen R. Kautz

Alex Banyai and Stephen Kautz Jr.


Edwin "Eddie" Kautz w/ brother Stephen Kautz Jr.

Mills' siblings - circa 1969

Katherine, Carolyn, David and Doug Mills


Ginny Mills w/ daughter Kathy


Emery Kelly & Dorothea

Emery Kelly, Dorothea, Ginny, Carolyn and David

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