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Anna Lukacs

March 4, 1894 - Nov. 4, 1988

Edwin L. Kautz
9/18/1891 - 8/20/1972

Married Sept. 16, 1919




Eloise Kautz

11/24/1920 - 1/15/2008

Elaine Kautz

5/3/1924 - 6/8/2019

Elaine Anna & Eloise Kautz
Edwin Kautz & Anna Lucas

Baptised 1894

in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Anna Immigrated in 1904

     At 1570, she Immigrated to the U.S. from Slovakia, along with a host family, and was left on the New York docks to find her way.  The church helped her find work and a home at 901 Sixth Ave in NY, NY. 

     Later, she found a foster home.  Anna's foster parents in Harlem were the Burkhardts.


Anna became a US citizen in 1913.

     Anna was a graduate of the Baptist Missionary Training School in Chicago Illinois.   

Anna was a Banquet Speaker at the Morningside Baptist Church in Pittsfield, Mass.

Stara Tura COA

     Anna Lucas is abt 15yo in this photo with her parents.  She left Slovakia for opportunities as a woman and to escape religious persecution against Baptists.  

Anna was a member of the Boston University Women's Council and a member in the Dean's committee.

For more in-depth information on the Lukac family, please contact Abigail Houghton.

     Anna, as a child, helped her mother sell goods in small villages in Austria  where residents did not have access to shopping centers.  Her wit and charm were traits which her customers adored.

Anna was affiliated with the Colgate Rochester Divinity School in Rochester, NY

Anna was a home missionary to Hungarians in Bridgeport, CT and Czechoslovaks in New York City and she was President of the Womens League of the Hungarian Baptist Union,

Anna Lukacs' Family

Janos Lukace (6/24/1855)

& Katerina Rohacek (1/2/1863)

Married 1/17/1882 

Jan Lukac 


Baptised 1883 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Michal "Miso" Lukac 


Baptised 1884 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Katarina Lukac 


Baptised 1886 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Mary Lukace  married name Cernok -

died in the U.S.


Baptised 1888 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Katherina Lukace 


Baptised 1889 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Jan Lukace 


Baptised 1891 in Stara Tura, Slovakia

Simon Lukace 


Emilia Lukace 


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