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'Ludwig and Rosa'


Stephen's baby 'Victor'

Headstone Fundraiser

     The burial plot where Victor, Ludwig and Rosa are laid to rest was originally purchased by Stephen Gregory Kautz when his son Victor died.  With money being low, due to The Great Depression, the family chose to also use the plot for Rosa and Ludwig.  A headstone was too expensive and no marker was made.  Stephen Gregory Kautz's wife Ilona and all of their children were laid to rest in other cemeteries.  

     With this headstone, purchased by the many contributors from our family, we honor them in the spirit of giving they showed in life.   

A Special Thank You To...

Peni Ellen and Stephen Alan Plucker

     In memory of Peni's father Edwin Kautz

Laura Ann Wideburg

Helen Kautz

     In memory of her Husband Edwin Kautz

Stephen Wayne Kautz

     In honor of His father Stephen Robert Kautz

Michael Allen Kautz

Kate and Tomas Simon

     In memory of Kate's grandfather Edwin Kautz

Norman and Joy Wideburg

Emery Edwin Mandel

Mary Jo Canady

Norman and Joy Wideburg

     In honor of all our immigrant ancestors

Konrad Proce

Erik Proce

Jonathan & Kathleen Plucker and Family

     In honor of Jonathan's grandfather Edwin Kautz

Christine Newlon

      In memory of her grandfather Emery (Kautz) Kelley

Todd A. Marshall

Douglas Wideburg

Sandra Wideburg & Rob Proce

Plot 7, Range 5, Grave 19

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