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    This website is designed and maintained by Robert Allen Kautz Photography.  All inquiries and comments regarding this site should be addressed to Robert Allen Kautz.   


     The research necessary to supply accurate information on this site has been performed by Robert Allen Kautz, Norman Wideburg and a genealogist who specializes in European ancestry who has been funded by a family benefactor.   


     This site is funded 100% by donation.  If you wish to support this site please visit the Support Us page.


     The Kautz Family website does not sell products or information.  

     The majority of information presented here is public record.  

     Information that is considered to be private is password protected and only available to family members.  

     Researchers may use information that is viewable to the public which is presented on this site.  A 'thank you' and a notification is customary.

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