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Stephen R. Kautz


Truedicha Smith

Oliver Burgos Kautz

Sept. 13, 2012

OIiver Kautz


Stephen W. Kautz

Sept. 10, 1965

Raquel Burgos

Feb 10, 1980

Portland Press Herald Steve Kautz


Uviv of Hartford


Stephen W. Kautz
Stephen W. Kautz
Peace Corps - Steve Kautz


Smyrna, TN

Bridgeport, CT

Derby, CT

Cheshire, CT

Crossville, TN

Richmond, VA

Blatna, Czech Republic

Portland, ME

Sevilla, Spain


Bronx, NY

     Steve joined the Peace Corps soon after the fall of the Berlin wall.  While stationed in the Czech Republic, he taught business and english.  He was asked to stay on as a teacher after his Peace Corp assignment ended.  

     Since then, he has made teaching the focus of his life, guiding academic teams to national competitions and educating future entrepreneurs.   Steve's financial advice can be read in the Portland Press Herald by clicking the logo on this page.

     Steve has always enjoyed baseball and hockey, competing in town leagues and coaching youth teams.   He has completed a marathon (run (time unknown) and has been known to play hoops and Wiffle Ball with his brother.  Most brotherly games involved wagers or challenges.  Rumor has it that he stills owes Robert a Dairy Queen treat and a fancy dinner.    

     Like his grandfather, he enjoys music.  His current instrument of choice is the violin.

     Steve currently lives in Sevilla, Spain, the hometown of his wife, where they are raising their son Oliver.   Ironically he doesn't make many trips to the barber in Sevilla.    That's a bald joke.

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