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Stephen R. Kautz "Snookie"

June 12, 1942 - Nov. 1, 2016

Truedicha Ann Smith

March 8, 1942



Married Dec. 1964


Stephen Kautz Jr.


Frances Bird


Bronx, NY


1086 Home St.  Bronx, NY

Massapequa NY

Route 2, Smyrna, TN

Wichita Falls, TX (USAF)

Bridgeport, CT

246 Forest Ln. Cheshire, CT

383 Bent Tree Dr. Crossville TN

Truedicha Smith Kautz
Stephen R. Kautz family

Occupation / Hobby / Volunteer

Air Force

Stephen R. Kautz

      Steve trained on computers while he was in the Air Force.   His career was in data processing until the company he worked for decided to downsize in the 90's.

     As a young man growing up in Massapequa, NY he worked as a caddy.   He also enjoyed bowling.  

     Steve also coached his son Robert's little league team and was a volunteer at the Special Olympics.   

   "The one thing I will always remember about my cousin Steve, he never ever called me by my name.

    Whenever we saw one another he would give me a big smile and hug and say,    "Hi Cuz!"      

    Every single time!   I will miss that."                     

                                                                                                      Peni Ellen Plucker

steve kautz
steve kautz

   "I have wonderful memories of your Dad. He was always ready to help out and had great stories. I distinctly remember him installing new lights & ceiling fans in my parents house just because he was so nice. Mom & Dad really appreciated his help. He will be missed and your family is in my prayers."

                                                                                                             Kim Brantley

   "I want to share something about Steve. He was a geniunely good and giving person.  When I was a kid he welcomed me into his home many times for weeks at a time.  I didn't have a great home life, and never got much farther than Wartburg except when older siblings took me out of the holler.  Steve and Trudy wanted me to be exposed to different people, places and things.  He never showed the slightest resentment or hesitation to take me in.  He didn't have to do that but he did.  There was always something broken in our old houses, and Mama, who would never ask anybody for anything, would say Steve will fix that when he gets here: And he did.  With a ready smile and good humor.  He didn't have to do that either but he did.  I will always be grateful for the time he not just allowed but invited me to spend time away from home with him and Trudy.  I'm rambling on here but there is so much to say.  Thank you Steve for being so good to a little girl who really needed it."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cindy Smith Boyer

   "As usual, we were screwing around in the neighborhood. Usually nothing good would come from what we were doing.  Frankie Palmeri and I were on the roof of Frankie's house. Frankie was climbing down and I was still on the roof. As he was climbing down, I loosened his grip on the gutter and he fell, but while falling he punched through the kitchen window, slicing open his hand.  So the blood was pretty apparent and we could see the ligaments in his hand. We all knew this was serious. No one else's parents were home, but Mr. Kautz was home. He was so cool under fire, he didn't get excited, didn't yell at us yet, just wrapped Frankie's hand in a towel and took off for the emergency room. I'll never forget how he didn't lose his head, while we were all really scared and losing ours. So the moral of the story is to remain calm, think, relax and take the emotion out of what is happening and get done whatever it is you need to do. Others are depending on you. I learned that from your Dad."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Robert F. Polito Jr.



Cause of Death:   

Place of Death:    
Burial place:    
Burial date:     


Rheumatic Fever, Type II Diabetes


Oak Ridge, TN
Ashes in the care of Trudy Kautz

none (by request)

     "Steve was so funny and always cheerful. He loved teasing Mom. Always made her smile. He liked his steak rare, and got a kick out of how horrified Mom was by that. Never let a visit go by without teasing her about her burning beef!"

                                                                         Robin Redmon Wright 

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