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Stephen Kautz Jr.

11/26/1912 - 1/29/1986

Frances Amelia Bird

March 4, 1917 - 1999



New York, NY

Stephen Kautz Jr. 1912


1086 Home St.  Bronx, NY

Massapequa, NY

Forsythe, MS

5007 Geneveve Ave.  St Louis, MO

(Frances' Childhood Address 1930)


Judith Kautz

10/20/1940 - 10/20/1940

Stephen Robert Kautz

6/12/1942 - 11/1/2016

Stephen R and Susan Kautz

     "I have several fond memories of my grandparents.  I can not pick a favorite. Grandma gave the best back rubs on the planet, loved to tell stories and was very gentle with her words, except when the St. Louis Cardinals were losing. Grandpa played piano with style, heart and finesse while improvising from Beethoven on the fly.  He loved to fish and to sing in the car, "Volare,.........".  Together, they were memory makers.  On one daytrip, my brother Steve and I asked for Wendy's Frosty's and they obliged.  Then 30 minutes later we asked for another Wendy's Frosty and they said in unison, "another Frosty?" and proceeded to drive straight back to Wendy's.  "Two Frosty's.  That was a great day for a kid."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Robert A. Kautz

Volunteer Fireman
Stephen Kautz Jr - school

Grammar School

     As a child, Stephen played piano accompaniment for silent movies.

     Stephen wanted to be a concert pianist.  This dream was shattered when he was forced to protect his face with his hands when he was struck by an automobile.    His hands never regained full flexibility.

     Stephen also worked in a music shop.  Customers would request a song to be played while they were shopping.   When the customers returned to shop he would play their song as they entered.  Frances, Stephen's wife, remarked that the down payment on their first house was paid for with the tips he received from the music shop, which were primarily for remembering to play his customers favorite songs.


A Musician's Career

Cafe Tokay

Music Union Membership

Billboard Magazine March 11, 1950 page 16 

Paul Szittyai Orchestra

Cafe Tokay Announcement

Collaborating Musicians

Jerome Robbins

Paul Szittyai

Countess Julia

Dick Marta

- Countess Julia
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Tradition Csardas - Dick Marta
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     Stephen Kautz Jr. primarily played the accordion in concert settings.   His most notable performances were as part of Paul Szittyai's orchestra at the Cafe Tokay in Manhattan.    Countess Julia often sang for the band and Dixk Marta was a regular member of the band.    Please have a listen to their music by clicking on the arrow in the box.    

Masonic Lodge


  • Entered Apprentice Degree 3/12/1946 in Wm McKinley Lodge No. 840, NY

  • Fellowcraft Degree 5/14/1946

  • Master Mason 5/28/1946

  • Dimitted from Wm McKinley Lodge No. 840, NY on 2/12/1963.


  • Affiliated on June 9, 1962 with Daytime Lodge No. 144, Stratford, CT. 

  • 1963 Junior Steward

  • 1964 Senior Steward 

  • 1965 Junior Deacon

  • 1966 Senior Deacon

  • 1967 Junior Warden

  • 1968 Senior Warden

  • 1969 Worshipful Master

  • 1972 Historian

  • 1972, 1973,1974 Organist

Stephen Kautz Jr Masonic
Masonic Lodge
Coast Guard



Cause of Death:   

Place of Death:   
Burial place:   
Burial date:    


Type 1 Diabetes (Stephen & Frances)


Center Cemetery - Route 202  -  New Milford, CT.

Frances Kautz


Coast Guard

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